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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Ribbon embellished paper doilies ~ too simple and too elegant for words!

Take a simple doily add ribbon and now it says WOW !  Like most of my crafting examples all you need are some simple items and your imagination.

This is a great idea when you can't find doilies the color needed - and you would like to carry your color theme through out the party - whether it is a wedding, baby shower or some other special event!

You can use these embellished doilies as center pieces and envelopes......

  • In this example I used a 12" paper lace doily and 1/8 wide ribbon.
  • It is easier to use very narrow ribbon - you might want to test some from before you buy lots of ribbon for your project.

  • I started going around the edge - pick a fairly open lace for your first projects.
  • I don't cut the ribbon off of the roll until I'm finished...

Only things you will need to watch are not ripping the doily (if it is just a small tear - just use clear tape on back) and the ribbon "rolling or twisting" keep the ribbon flat for a neat look.

When you are finished - cut the ribbon - leave a enough to tie a bow if that is what you desire

Here is an example of a "double row of ribbon"

Here is an example of an embellished doily being folded as an envelope insert....
What a treat to mail your wedding or baby photos this way !

Fold ....


One small piece of double sided tape...


And you have a beautiful insert !

Have fun! and don't stress - crafts are fun!

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  1. this looks like such a creative and productive hobby one could have. and if something this cute comes out of it, then i am all in. you are so talented. keep us updated with more from you