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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A bit of Ink a Stamp and a Simple white Doily and any place setting can be Special!

Create this a custom place setting look with very simple items!

Here the place setting is for a luncheon or cake - 

You will need:
  • 1 stamp (of our choice) use an intial or Best Wishes - Congratulation - etc!
  • Ink Pad - I purchased this at a "big box" office supply store
  • White paper floral edge doily  8" inches
  • Glass plate - 7" inches

Most craft stores or on-line resources have a wide selection of stamps and colors of ink!
Stamping is very easy to do - and is great way to customize white paper doilies.

In the example here I used a doily that is only 1 inch larger then the plate - you can use a smaller doily or larger - the look is up to you!

Don't stress out about getting the stamp perfectly in the center.    You can use a ruler if you like and put a small dot to mark the center --- I chose to do by sight.

In this example a 12" square doily is used and a 9" inch clear dinner plate.

Voila - so pretty!


 Here is the sample 9" glass dinner place used with a 12" round lace doily.

The look can be as varied as your imagination! Enjoy -----

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