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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Personalize Customize Place Mats or Chargers for Weddings or Any Special Event

Personalized Place mats or chargers can make any event extra special.  It is easy to do (as all my projects are), and you are only limited by your imagination!

In the example below I used a 12" white square paper doily (you use round etc).
I attached a 5" doily in the center as a stencil, later I added a "thank you" stamp.

In the center a heart stamp, wedding rings, flowers.....etc.............

Supplies Needed:
12" (or size perferred) paper doilies
Spray paint
5" (or size preferred) doily for stencil
Decorative Stamp and pad

Center the "stencil" doily - a fix with a small piece of double sided tape.
I use the tape so the spray paint doesn't blow the stencil away, also if you turn the larger doily to apply a second coat the stencil will not shift.

Remove the stencil after a few minutes - and get ready to spray your next doily!
I have found the metallic paints dry faster then the "regular colors" and are easier to get an
"even" coat.

Last - add that special something to the center......or leave the stencil off, and have a classic solid place mat.

Here are other examples.... with silver paint and purple!


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