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Saturday, June 13, 2015


 Make an easy paper doily banner!
The banner I've made for this example uses graduated sizes to create a "swag" effect, but you can use all one size or alternate sizes.  This is a very easy project to customize

You will need to make this 87" inch banner:
  • 10 feet of ribbon or string
  • 1 14" inch round paper doily
  • 2 12" inch round paper doilies
  • 2 10" inch round paper doilies
  • 2 8" inch round paper doilies
  • 2 6" round paper doilies
  • double sided tape (of course)
  • Scissors
  • Wide ribbon or balloons for accents

Take each doily and fold perfectly in half

I try to match the "pattern" from each side to ensure I've gotten them folded nicely in half.

All folded and ready to taped "over the ribbon".

I unrolled about 10 feet of ribbon from the spool and started working in the center.

Unfold the Largest doily you will be using for the center.
Place several pieces of double sided top along one side of the fold inside the doily.
Lay the ribbon along the fold, and refold the doily.

I keep working "each side" with successively smaller doilies to create the "swag" effect.

Make sure you leave enough ribbon or string so you can secure your banner when complete

Completed Banner - ready for customization! Add a message or whatever.

I finished this banner with a wire edge bow at each end,
You can add balloons, flowers, etc!

Have fun with this one!

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  1. Just received your red doilies for a patriotic layered red, white & blue doily bunting craft project for the 4th. I like all of your ideas for doilies.