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Sunday, February 22, 2015


Needed for this project:

  • Stem Glasses - clear or colors - I used a water and fluted champagne for these examples
  • LED battery operated tea lights ONLY!!!!
  • Paper Doilies (I used 9 inch - 8" would work fine also)
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Other embellishments such as ivy / foil doilies/ tulle circles

Gather all your supplies in a well light area to work.

Measure to the center of the paper doily that will become the "shade".

Cut from one side to this center point.

Overlap the cut sides and tape on the inside. Double sided tape can also be used.

Place your BATTERY OPERATED tea light in the center of circle of tulle.

Place inside the bottom of glass - place "shade" on top! So pretty!!!

This table or party accent can be jazzed up a bit with added ivy or flowers around base -and a foil doily mat!

The tall champagne glass looks very elegant.  With this glass I tucked the tulle into the stem and sat the BATTERY OPERATED tea light on top.

Enjoy! and be creative!


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