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Monday, November 25, 2013


Beautiful Gift tags made from Simple items! 

To make the gift tags above I used:
  • Standard Business Card Stock from any office supply store.
  • Spray paint - I used gold - but you can use any color you like
  • Small doilies or larger ones cut in pieces
  • Ribbon short lengths - narrow works best
  • Hole punches I have two one is a star the other is a "doily"
  • Tape regular or double sided or glue stick if that is what you perfer

I try to give the business cards an even coat of paint - while they are all on one sheet.

You can see from these two pictures that sometimes the paint does not go on evenly - not to worry!
The tags still come out great!!!

 After the paint drys you are ready to create your tags!

I chose these two cards to demonstrate that "imperfect" cards come out fine!

Fold a small doily (this one is 3.5 inches round) the bottom 1/2 of the card.

After you fold it up in the back - seal with your preferred method  - tape or glue ( I use tape ).

A simple star punch is elegant and looks beautiful for any occasion.

Loop a piece of ribbon through the punch....and your tag is ready to use!

Here are two examples one with the star the other with the "doily" punch.

 Here I have really gone crazy and used a edging scissors and a foil doily on a white card.

Or just white on white with a pale blue ribbon.....perfect for wedding or shower favors.....

Amble room to write on back......I used a sharpie.

So use your imagination......and create your own selection of gift tags.


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