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Sunday, February 24, 2013


 So pretty and easy too!

This example takes more patience but is stiill very easy. I just cut out patterns or medallions from doilies and used double sided tape (my fav) to decorate a store bought mat.

These are the "tools" you will need to "mat" a picture or other momento witth a paper doily.
  • Paper doily (size depends on your frame and imagination)
  • Frame
  • Double sided tape (of course)
  • Sissors
  • Fabric or paper for "back mat" Optional

This doily was just a bit wider then the frame I selected to use.  This is a vintage picture of my grandmother and her sister from about 1915.

I used a small piece of double sided tape and "centered" the picture on the doily.

I then layed the doily "face down" on the frame with glass.

I put the back of the frame on to see how much will need to be trimmed off -

Voila! so pretty and easy!


 In this example I used a smaller doily and added a piece of fabric behind (you can use construction paper or other scrapebooking papers too!) the doily.

Use the back of the frame as the template to cut the backing fabric or paper.

First add picture taped to doily against glass, then add fabric or paper.  Last the frame back.

Another look for a well loved picture!

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